Immigrants’ Efforts to Access Public Schools and Higher Education in the United States

November 06, 2019
A lawsuit filed by undocumented immigrant students argues that the Trump administration's decision to end an immigration relief program had its motivation in racial animus. This chapter examines the long history of multiple limitations immigration status places on access to education and considers...

In Their Voices: Undocumented in California Public Colleges and Universities

October 17, 2019
Students from our community colleges, California State Universities and UC’s come forward to share their experiences as undocumented students in California higher education.

Study: DACA Increased Educational Attainment

February 05, 2018
Do Human Capital Decisions Respond to the Returns to Education? Evidence from DACA?

Lessons from the Medi-Cal Expansion Frontlines

October 01, 2017
Supporting County Eligibility Workers and Certified Enrollment Counselors to Achieve “No Wrong Door”.

Considerations for Residency Programs Regarding DACA Recipients

May 30, 2017
More than 50 medical schools now consider applicants who are DACA recipients, and medical school graduates with DACA are eligible to continue their training in graduate medical education.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Among Latino Eligible for DACA

February 06, 2016
For those qualified, the Deferred Action for hildhood Arrivals (DACA) program’s protections may alleviate stressors, with implications for their mental health and wellbeing (MHWB).

Research and Engagement Strategies for Young Adult Immigrants Without Documentation

May 10, 2015
This paper describes participant engagement strategies used to investigate the health needs of immigrants eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Health Concerns and Health Care Access of Latino “DREAMers”

February 05, 2015
Young adults who are eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program have significant mental health concerns and face profound barriers to health care access.