Resources for Faculty and Staff


Faculty and Staff Assistance Program
Free and confidential psychological counseling and consultation services for all faculty, staff, residents, postdocs, and clinical fellows at UCSF.


Schedule an appointment with a counselor by calling the main line at (415)476-8279. You may also send a confidential email.

UCSF Human Resources
Information and Resources for UC staff, students, and immediate family members impacted by the DACA decision. UCSF Health employees contact Jennifer Shih: [email protected]; (415) 277-4964 for legal assistance and referrals.

University of California

University of California Information on Immigration & DACA
Immigration-related news and updates relevant to the University of California system.


National Immigration Law Center on DACA & Employment
Information from the NILC about the immigration law and consequences for workers’ rights and employment.

Post-Election Guide for Educators
A guide for educators that provides examples for actions that can be taken on an institutional level and as an individual educator to protect and support undocumented students.