Policy Update: Executive Orders and Sanctuary Cities

On January 25th, 2017 the Executive Order on Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States and the Executive Order on Boarder Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements were signed. This order indicates that such jurisdictions that fail to comply with federal law will be denied federal funding, among additional directives. While legal and political professionals are debating the constitutionality of such executive order, many government leaders are responding with continued support of their sanctuary policies and the community members that they serve.

UC has not taken a position on the use of the language regarding "sanctuary" campuses or institutions. However, The Office of The President issued a statement of principles reaffirming its commitment to vigorously protect the privacy and civil rights of undocumented students as well as all members of our community.

We recognize the distress and safety concerns for many students of immigrant backgrounds that this order has created. We encourage students to reach out to the resource centers and Counseling & Psychological Services for support.