Undocumented Student Support Services

The UCSF Undocumented Student Support Services is a virtual resource center for current and prospective students, faculty, staff and allies.

Dear Members of Undocumented Student Community and Allies at UCSF,

We stand at your side, recognizing the emotional toll of the election results and the impact on your safety and that of your families. The lived experiences of members from the Undocumented Community are painful, enduring, and heroic. To our UCSF Students, we see your profound talent, courage, and resilience. In light of threatening pre-election rhetoric, and a rise in post-election hate speech and hostility targeted at marginalized communities, specifically Undocumented, Immigrant, Muslim, Queer, Black and other identities -the UCSF Undocumented Students Support Services proudly stands in solidarity. Advocates from UCOP Undocumented Student Coordinators and UC Legal Services are convening to identify a plan of action and support. We are collectively committed to supporting you during this time and are available for consultation and are here to assist in any way we can.

Updates will be posted as they are gathered.

Policy Update:

DACA remains standing, reversing Trump’s promise to deport young immigrants.
Exactly five years after the Obama administration implemented the historic “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program (DACA) that granted deportation relief to nearly 800,000 young undocumented immigrants, the Trump Administration late Thursday — in an apparent change of heart — announced it will keep the program, marking a significant victory for “Dreamers” nationwide... More

Revised Travel Ban
The Trump Administration’s revised executive order banning citizens of six nations from entering the United States is anathema to advancing knowledge and international cooperation. While the new order appears less restrictive than the one it replaced, UC remains deeply concerned that the new order, once it goes into effect on March 16, will still have a very serious effect on those who seek to study, train, research and teach at UC and universities across the country, to the detriment of the UC community and the country as a whole.

Executive Orders and Sanctuary Cities
On January 25th, 2017, two executive order regarding boarder security and immigration enforcement were signed by the president of the United states indicating that jurisdictions that fail to comply with federal law will be denied federal funding, among additional directives. The Office of The President issued a statement of principles reaffirming its commitment to vigorously protect... More

Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) have introduced legislation whose intent is to allow people who are eligible for or who have received work authorization and temporary relief from deportation through Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to continue living in the U.S... More

S. 240 and HR 724
UCSF is working very closely with the UC Office of Federal Government Relations in Washington, DC. The University of California is supporting legislation introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein (S. 240) and Representative Zoe Lofgren (Lofgren: HR 724) rescinding the President’s executive order.

Help for Students, Faculty & Staff

UC Issues FAQ About Immigration Enforcement Actions on University Property
The University of California has issued the following FAQ for members of the University of California community, who are concerned about immigration enforcement actions occurring across the country and have asked about the possibility that enforcement actions could occur at UC. This document responds to frequently asked questions and provides information about how to respond in such a situation.

NICL Recommendations Regarding Nationwide ICE Raids
There have been numerous reports of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) arresting people across the United States. What do immigrants, friends and allies, and elected officials need to know?

UCSF International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO)
ISSO is prepared and available to provide support for any member of the UCSF community who could be affected by the executive order. Support includes access to immigration information, referrals to attorneys or legal services and, as required, case intervention with government agencies. If any member of the UCSF community is aware of such a situation, please contact ISSO Director Brian Groves at brian.groves@ucsf.edu. Members of the UCSF community who are planning travel outside of country and have any questions or concerns about the impact of the executive order are also encouraged to contact Brian Groves.

University of California Information on Immigration
The information gathered here is intended to provide guidance, resources and support for navigating this fluid situation, and to reaffirm the University of California’s commitment to all members of its community. 

Post-Election FAQs for DACA Students

UC Undocumented Student Legal Services Center Post-Election FAQs

UC Berkeley Undocumented Student Programs Post Election FAQs

United We Dream: 5 Important Things You Need To Know About DACA During a Trump Presidency

National Immigration Law Center: Know Your Rights Handout

UCOP Financial Aid Talking Points 

Community Advisory

Managing Your Social Media Presence
Here are some ways that immigration agents can use monitoring of your social media presence against you and how to reduce risk.

Resources for Educators

POST-ELECTION: What Educators Can Do to Support Undocumented Students
E4FC's new guide provides concrete examples of actions you can take—on an institutional level, alongside students, and as an individual—to protect undocumented students, increase support services, and ensure college access and graduation.

Legal Services for UCSF Students

UC Undocumented Student Legal Services Center: Provides free immigration legal services to UC students and their immediate family members. 

Contact Information: Rachel Ray, Esq. -Managing Attorney UC Undocumented Legal Services Center (rachel.ucimm@law.ucdavis.edu)

Additional Resources for Legal Services

Asian Law Caucus 

East Bay Community Law Center

East Bay Community Law Center: List of Non Profit Referrals in the Bay Area

Immigration Law Help

Immigration Legal Resource Center: Search ILRC's Areas of Expertise page for resources related to DACA, Removal Defense, Family, Immigrant Youth, and other important topics.

ILRC has updated they're DACA community resource to take into account recent developments. Feel free to use and share it.

And here are some basic talking points on DACA that may be helpful in communicating with community members at this time:

  • DACA is under attack and its future is once again uncertain. Ten states recently issued a letter to the Trump administration threatening to sue if DACA is not terminated by September 5, 2017. It is unclear what might become of this threat, but DACA recipients and those eligible to apply should follow events closely for updates.
  • DACA is still in place. Those eligible to renew should apply immediately with the assistance of a qualified immigration legal service provider. DACA recipients should avoid negative contact with law enforcement.
  • Initial DACA applications should only be submitted after consulting with a qualified immigration legal service provider about the risks and benefits in a particular case.
  • Those traveling abroad on advance parole with DACA should follow these developments closely. It is not recommend to apply for or travel on advance parole at this time, except in cases of emergency and with the assistance of an experienced immigration legal service provider.
  • It is a good idea to keep a copy of your DACA work permit on your person at all times so you can easily prove that you have been granted DACA.